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TeamTO’s New Animated Comedy ‘Jade Armor’ Coming Fall 2021

European kids’ entertainment company partners with France Télévisions and SUPER RTL to bring female superhero to life in upcoming action-adventure series.

European kids’ entertainment company TeamTO has partnered with France Télévisions (France) and SUPER RTL (Germany) on its new animated action comedy Jade Armor (26 x 22). The series is now in full production at TeamTO’s Paris and Valence studios, with the first episode planned for delivery in fall 2021.

“France Télévisions is particularly proud to include Jade Armor in its animated kids’ line-up,” commented France Télévisions director of youth programming and animation, Tiphaine de Raguenel. “This series is an excellent example of what a female heroine can bring to action adventure: a different way of looking at confrontation with antagonists and how to use the powers in her possession. The talent of creator and director Chloé Miller makes the most of the martial arts techniques in the action scenes. In his own way Jackie Chan paved the way for highly choreographed fights, and Jade Armor continues that path with even more determination. She has no desire to do it like a boy, a value that France Télévisions wants to share with its 3-12-year-old audiences on Okoo.”

“Jade Armor has all the ingredients SUPER RTL was looking for: a strong and relatable female lead, stories full of adventure, filled with humor and fun, positive role models and relationships characterized by friendship, family and the idea of great teamwork,” added SUPER RTL’s content director, Martin Gradl. “We are delighted to be part of the creation of this amazing new show.”

Jade Armor is an action comedy starring an unlikely teenage girl hero with an even unlikelier set of powers - and one awesome high-tech armor suit! The last in a long line of strong and powerful women, Lan Jun’s life takes an unexpected turn when she puts on a mysterious bracelet sent anonymously through the mail. Like the legendary superhero of the same name, Lan Jun is immediately encased in a suit of Jade Armor. With her Kung-Fu talents suddenly levelled up, it is now her turn to embody this epic hero. Together with the help of her friends Theo and Alisha, and the mystical Beasticons that accompany the armor, Lan Jun must contend with both an evil array of super villains and the even more challenging trials of teenage life.

“We developed Jade Armor with passion and care for its original female lead’s point of view, led by our talented director, Chloe Miller,” noted TeamTO executive producer, Corinne Kouper. “Chloe’s vision and passion for anime adds an original spin to this show, with nuanced and comical characters that bring a fresh voice to kids TV. Our teen hero Lan Jun finds herself saddled with new responsibilities that she takes on with a humor and personality. We are excited to work on our first 22-minute stories which will give us time to get to know the characters and reveal the backstory.”

To bring Lan Jun’s inner girl-power and comedic heart to life, Kouper assembled an all-star, all-women team: Miller- showrunner and co-creator; MJ Offen - head writer; and Mary Bredin - co-developer.

A 30-year veteran in the field of CGI, Kouper was named Producer of the Year in 2010 and 2015, she has received two Emmy Awards and one Pulcinella Award. In her career she has created hits such as Mighty Mike; Angelo Rules; Yellowbird; Zoe Kezako; and Rolie Polie Olie. She is also president and founder of Les Femmes S’Animent, France, the equivalent of Women in Animation.

Showrunner and co-creator, Miller, is a graduate of the Beaux Arts Saint Etienne and graduate school, La Poudrière. She directed Emmy-nominated Angelo Rules and was art director for Babar and the Adventures of Badou and Yellowbird. Head writer, Offen, has experience in development having worked with Disney; Nickelodeon; Cartoon Network; Spinmaster; Warner Bros.; and The Jim Henson Company. She was also head of story for Mattel’s Girls Brands including Barbie, WellieWishers, and Monster High. Co-developer, Bredin has developed and co-executive produced Emmy-nominated Justin Time and Netflix Original, True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and co-created Guru Studio’s Pikwik.

Source: TeamTO