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TeamTO Inks Rights Deal for Trio of Popular Kids’ Books

Studio acquires TV, film, and licensing rights to ‘Snowman,’ ‘Fox’s Garden,’ and ‘Something’s Fishy;’ each book to be adapted into a 2022/2023 holiday special.

Entertainment company TeamTO has acquired the TV, film, and licensing rights to three popular children’s books: “Snowman” (Snowy and the Snowman), by Jacques Duquennoy; “Fox’s Garden” (The Winter I Met the Fox), by Camille Garoche; and “Something’s Fishy” (Penguin’s Ice Time) by Jean Gouronas. The three winter-themed stories will be produced as individual specials for the 2022/2023 holiday season, suitable for both at-home TV or platform viewing, as well as cinema screening.

“We wanted to create an enchanting winter-themed program for preschoolers, designed for both TV and matinee theatre screenings,” commented TeamTO executive producer and co-founder, Corinne Kouper. “The three stories, which are all quite different from each other, aim to bring wonder and excitement to a young audience, making it a unique experience for children, especially those who may never have been to the movies before.  Since we produce animation of cinematic quality, this is a natural extension of how we share our shows with a wider audience in different formats.”

“It has been exciting to develop short-form content because, as with short stories, you can really get to know a character in a very unique and often powerful way,” shared TeamTO creative development, Mary Bredlin. “Also, working on short films provides a rare opportunity, in our busy production world, to focus on the heart of a story, and work closely with new directorial talent to bring their vision to life. It has been a great collaborative process.”

In The Winter I Met The Fox (1 x 20’), directed by Emma Carré, a fox finds refuge from a cold and snowy evening in a greenhouse. Shy little Sacha overcomes his fears and comes to the rescue with Chickpea, a pet chicken. He is amazed to find that the Fox had babies and learns that friendship is about reaching out.

Directed by Lois Espuche, Penguin’s Ice Time (3 x 5’) follows Penguin as he is ice fishing, but the fish aren’t biting. But why? A comedic cast of polar characters gather, chatter, wager guess and generally, aggravate Penguin until…they hear something below the ice!

Snowy and The Snowman (1 x 20’), directed by Sif Perlt Savery, stars Snowy, a young snowgirl living in Snowland with her elf parents. On her first day of hockey practice Snowy’s dream of flying like a superhero Snowman comes true as she rescues a little rabbit from a mighty Yeti.

TeamTO will be presenting Winter Is Here! at this year’s Kidscreen, Cartoon Movie, and Annecy.

Source: TeamTo