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TEAK Creates Video for Google's Chrome Notebook

Who doesn't like to break stuff? TEAK does, as they clearly demonstrated in a five-minute-plus YouTube video for Google.

Press Release from TRUST Collective

Who doesn't like to break stuff? TEAK does, as they clearly demonstrated in a five-minute-plus YouTube video for Google. A glorious parade of laptop destroying fun, driven by some helpful hints about using Chrome notebooks. Speed & Destroy is hosted by a puzzlingly calm Chrome engineer who clicks his way through the creation of a poster advertising his friend's lost cat, even as a parade of diabolical thieves in hazmat suits stroll past and pluck his laptop away. It is then alternately frozen, burned, crushed and impaled with a garden gnome. After each sequence, his antagonists bring the host a new computer, at which point he picks up his work exactly where he left off, aptly demonstrating the ability to allow everything to be stored virtually, in the cloud. The video contains a high-brow twist - a hidden Easter egg, uncovered by a group of techno wizards from France within 24 hours of its release. The video - which took off instantly on YouTube and now has over a million views - is just the latest in a long string of work for Google. Most recently TEAK has created the YouTube Channel's for Google Nexus S and Google Mobile.

Client: Google Spot Title: Speed & Destroy Launch Date: December 2010 Content Creation Company: TEAK Creative Director: Greg Rowan Live Action Director: Magnus Oliv Account Director: Joe Silvestri Producer(s): Emily van Nierop, Kyra Ivanoff EP Post Production: Jan Frei Post Producer: Kyra Ivanoff Editor: Julie Drazen Asst. Editor: Nan Pierce Final Picture and Color: Mark Everson Graphics: Brian Rulapaugh, Ken Ackerman Utility Man/Superman: Mike Mizono Line Producer(s): Christopher Hall, Courtney Harrell

TEAK is a San Francisco-based collective of film, editorial, animation and interactive content creators whose medium is everything digital. The dynamic full-service production, post-production, motion graphics, and interactive media studio features a roster of directors, editors, VFX artists, designers, animators web developers who form a creative think tank of talent that crafts unique viral campaigns, commercials, and branded entertainment. TEAK strives to deliver a complete online brand experience with a custom-built integrated digital development center, where they do digital planning and front and back-end site building, and create branded content, including video shooting, editing, and animating. TEAK's clients include major ad agencies and direct-to-client relationships with brands such as Google and Sony.