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‘Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers’ Comes to Netflix ASEAN January 19

New animated series makes food and cooking fun by taking kids on culinary adventures to different countries while teaching friendship, cultural diversity, and important food terminology.

T&B Media Global has announced that its latest animated TV series, Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers will be available for streaming on Netflix in ASEAN countries January 19. The show, which targets kids ages 6-9, makes food and cooking fun for young children while teaching them about friendship, cultural differences, and useful English words and vocabulary relating to food items, cooking techniques, and geography.

Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers is about three crazy friends who travel the world in their souped-up, sentient food truck seeking out rare ingredients to turn into exotic dishes. Led by “Sonny,” the fearless bear/cook who aspires to be a chef, together with “Andi,” the genius problem-solving red panda and “Tong,” the social media savvy monkey influencer, the trio visits countless food destinations in their friendly green food truck, “Julia” to take on culinary challenges.

Led by T&B Media Global, Shellhut Entertainment, and showrunner Dan Clark, the production is a collaboration among international partners including Singapore-based Tiny Island Productions (animation); US-based Bang Zoom Studios (special effects); and Canadian-based Boat Rocker Media (distribution).

Source: T&B Media Global