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TARZAN rules at the boxoffice

TARZAN, the new Disney animated feature that is based on TARZAN OF THE APESby Edgar Rice Burroughs, finished first in the weekend US boxoffice race,taking in $34,361,342. This is the second highest opening for an animatedfilm after THE LION KING which opened with $40.9 million in June 1994. STARWARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE, the digital effects driven action filmfrom Lucasfilm, finished fourth, grossing $18,859,021 to bring its total to$328,072,869; Universal's THE MUMMY, with digital effects by ILM, finishedseventh while grossing $3,206,500 for a total of $142,006,580; WarnerBros.' THE MATRIX, directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, finished ninth,grossing $1,315,856 for a total of $163,869,151; Sony Pictures' THETHIRTEENTH FLOOR, with digital effects by Centropolis Effects, finishedeleventh, grossing $380,181 for a total of $10,665,506; and finally BuenaVista's DOUG'S 1ST MOVIE finished 35th, grossing $109,824 for a total of$18,932,847.