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TAAFI INDUSTRY 2018 Announces Full Program

Toronto industry event running November 3-4 to explore the next generation of Toronto feature films with ‘Next Gen’ filmmakers Joe Ksander and Kevin R. Adams.

‘Next Gen’ Writers and directors Joe Ksander and Kevin R. Adams and Tangent Entertainment art director Richard Chen will give an in-depth, behind the scenes conversation about the next generation of feature film productions in Toronto at TAAFI INDUSTRY 2018.

TORONTO -- The Toronto Animation Arts Festival International has released the full official program for TAAFI INDUSTRY 2018 at Corus Quay in Toronto. The event runs from November 2-4. This one-of-a-kind conference hosts over 50 animation industry professionals and over 22 sessions on prime time content, the evolution of character design, Canadian feature films production, stop motion techniques, VFX behind the scenes and much more! TAAFI INDUSTRY 2018 will include the special events The Big Pitch, Pitch-a-Palooza and the Nelvana Bouncing Ball party. Passes are now available online at

“We are absolutely thrilled about the state of the animation industry, today,” said Ben McEvoy, Executive Director and Co-Founder, TAAFI. “The conference reflects a plethora of animation industry veterans, leaders, and talent who have navigated changes in the industry. As well, these leaders have developed some of the best animated content for television, film and digital—especially within the Canadian landscape.”

Featured programs include:

The Next Generation (of Toronto Feature Films)

This is an in-depth, behind the scenes conversation with Joe Ksander and Kevin R. Adams, writers and directors of the Netflix hit Next Gen, one the year’s most exciting independent animated feature films, produced in Toronto. Richard Chen, Art Director at Tangent Entertainment will also participate.

A VIP Exclusive Fireside Chat with Dan Haskett

Exclusive to VIP passholders, veteran Disney animator & designer Dan Haskett will lead a fireside chat with a lively Q&A included. Growing up in the 50s and 60s, Dan Haskett was exposed to a plethora of historic animated content on television.

New Realities

Led by industry veterans Heather Phenix, Executive Producer at Jam3, and Dave Cardwell, Creative Director at SpinVFX and BrioVR, this program explores the mixed reality revolution as we uncover the creators who are pioneering storytelling in some of the most exciting new media formats of the past century, and discuss opportunities and challenges of creating animated content for these new realities.

Bone Mother: Behind the Scenes

This is an in-depth look into the five-year journey to make the NFB stop-motion short film Bone Mother. Directors and animators Sylvie Trouve and Dale Hayward, from See Creature Animation, will discuss the process from adapting an existing story, developing new pipelines for 3D printing, and some of the tough lessons while making a film with a young family.

Making Your Way in the World Today

This panel -- featuring Hector Herrera (Together Pictures + Words), Morghan Fortier, (Skyship Entertainment, Tinman Creative Studios) and creator and animator Joel MacKenzie -- showcases industry professionals who have created their own businesses outside the usual production pipeline, and how they’re finding ways to survive and thrive as artists and creators.

A VIP Exclusive Fireside Chat with Jessica Borutski

Exclusive to VIP passholders: Many production artists want to eventually develop, produce and run a show, but don’t know how to get there. After many notable projects as an animator and designer, Jessica Borutski, supervising director on The Loud House, has made the move to directing, developing and producing series for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

Source: Toronto Animation Arts Festival International