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Superhero Comedy ‘Grounded’ Premieres on Tubi TV

Redbird Entertainment & Firestorm VFX’s new eight-episode series, filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown, focuses on the everyday issues of superheroes stuck at home during a global virus outbreak.

There’s more to superheroes than just DC or Marvel. Redbird Entertainment & Firestorm VFX’s new comedy series Grounded, which focuses on the normal, everyday issues of superheroes stuck at home during a global virus outbreak, offers a new, fresh take on the genre.

Written by Carl Reid (Cancelled, Domino: Battle of the Bones) and co-created and directed by Enrico Natale (The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, Silver Skies), the TV series takes the “super” out of “superhuman,” instead focusing on character quirks, hang ups, and relationship drama rather than blowing up the latest death ray. With a sprawling cast of characters that comprise a brand-new mythology, Grounded presents a limitless world where laughs, tears, adventure, and emotional breakthroughs are the fabric of every episode. Could this be the What We Do in the Shadows of the superhero world?

Grounded stars Natale as Victor Vance/Paradyme; Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor (The Babysitter, Holidate) as Darrion Willis/Nightshade; Kaley McCormack (Bullet Ride, Once I Was a Beehive) as Lydia Carmichael; Nick Cardiff (NCIS, Angie Tribeca) as Professor Payne; Jeff Blum as Zeke/Mercury Man; Tasie Lawrence (House of Anubis, Good Kids) as Vishpala; Victor Salvatore (Burn Notice, The Next Big Thing) as Nautilus; Jared Winkler (Cartoon Hook-Ups, Never Have I Ever) as Elliot Ellison; and Cher Natale as Monica Del Vega.

Each episode of the show will conclude with conversation between the show’s creators, interwoven with BTS footage to display the wild obstacles that came with shooting a full season of television with all of Hollywood, much like Victor Vance, “grounded” from COVID-19.

The series is executive produced by Mark Renton, Reid, and Natale, with David Midell (By Any Other Name, NightLights) and Julianna Medina-Politsky producing. Natale also serves as editor, with VFX by Renton and music by Shaun Chasin.

Watch the eight-episode TV series Grounded now on Tubi TV in North America.

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