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‘Super Wings’ Debuts on Amazon

CG-animated television series co-produced by FunnyFlux, QianQi, Little Airplane Productions, EBS and KiKA flies to U.S. audiences via Amazon Prime Video.

NEW YORKJanson Media’s new partnership with CJ E&M will drive kid-appropriate content in partnership with Amazon to bring the popular animated TV series, Super Wings, to U.S. audiences via streaming. The show is being targeted to preschool, but audiences of all ages can enjoy this action-packed series that follows a jet plane named Jett as it delivers packages to children across the globe.

Super Wings offers child-appropriate programming produced in 3D CGI animation and demonstrates worldwide expansion with a presence in over 25 countries, including US, Canada, LATAM, France, Italy, Spain,Sweden and so on. As a current popular children's television series broadcast on the U.S.-based Sprout TV network, Super Wings has already shown success in linear programming to U.S. audiences. Bringing Super Wings to streaming services offers a broad distribution reach thanks to the growing number of cord-cutting parents.

"We are extremely excited to release Super Wings to the VOD market in the United States. Amazon Prime Video is an exciting and rapidly growing platform that we feel will be a perfect home for an animated kids’ series as strong as Super Wings,” commented Jesse Janson, Director of Digital Media.

Dongsik Shin, SVP Animation Division at CJ E&M, added, “We are thrilled to provide a broader service to more kids and homes for our wonderful show Super Wings by being a part of one of the leading streaming services such as Amazon Prime.”

Source: Janson Media