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Super 78 Super-Charges The Interactive Achievement Awards

Production company Super 78 created a graphics package for the 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on February 28, 2002. Drawing on the inspiration of the early 1980s gaming experience as the aesthetic foundation, Super 78 creative director Brent Young developed the look for the awards presentation. "Our goal was to create a vibe that was both retro and contemporary, TRON meets MATRIX, connecting the fact that this is an industry with a history and a future," Young explained. As part of the motion graphics package, Super 78 designed all of the category headers -- color-themed animated graphics that emerge from a series of spinning cubes. "In addition to the award graphics themselves, Brent wanted to create a high-energy, two-minute introduction to the program that would immerse the live and home audiences in the world of games," said Super 78 executive producer Dina Benadon. "The direction was to fly through a city featuring current game imagery that takes us to a TRON-inspired segment with 40 seconds of 3D animation that welcomes the audience and introduces the program." Super 78 has contributed to numerous gaming projects including animated cinematics for videogame titles, most recently providing animation work for Namcos PAC-MAN titles and Segas SONIC ADVENTURE 2.