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Sunbow And Noggin's The N To Co-Develop Kappa Mikey

Sunbow Entertainment and The N, Noggin's new network for tweens, have signed a co-development deal for the anime comedy KAPPA MIKEY. Targeted at 9 14 year old kids, the series mixes comedy and action in a satire of anime-style animation and American cluelessness about foreign culture. The series was created by Larry Schwarz, founder of the kids entertainment company Rumpus. Sunbows parent company, TV-Loonland, holds the worldwide television and video distribution rights to KAPPA MIKEY. In addition, Sunbow recently announced they have optioned the childrens illustrated book THE MANY ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY MUTTON by James Proimos and the original concept MR. STICK AND SLUG BOY by artist Dennis Messner. Both properties are currently in development as 26 x 11 minute 2D animation series aimed at 6 11 year old kids.