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Submissions Open for the Dream Animation Festival

The first film festival of animated dreams is now accepting entries created in any narrative style or animation technique, winners receive €2000 prize; entry deadline is April 30.

The Dream Animation Festival is now accepting submissions for the first film festival of animated dreams. Dreamers are invited to submit dream stories, one of three provided, in any narrative style or animation technique. Deadline to submit is April 30, 2024

The festival describes “Animation as one of the art forms closest to representing a dream. Animation can jump from a train to a whale’s back in a second; a woman can transform into a golden bee in a blink. The magical transformations and free associations of the mind are visual techniques of both dreams and animation.”

Animators can choose from three different dreams:

Three winners will be notified May 10, 2024. Prizes of €2000 will be awarded to the winners. Prizes are funded by The Dream Library Foundation.

Jury selections will be screened in Oregon, May 25, 2024.

Additional information is available here.

Source: Dream Animation Festival

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