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Studio100 Media Buys Up Maya the Bee

Press Release from Studio100 Media GmbH Munich, July 29, 2009 -- Studio100 Media GmbH has signed a buy-out agreement with Waldemar Bonsels Foundation for the endearing classic MAYA THE BEE. Studio100 Media already holds all exploitation rights including TV, Video, VOD and merchandising to the existing animated series of 104 episodes produced in 1975 and to the 1977 animated feature film. The buy-out agreement now provides Studio100 Media with all filming, development and exploitation rights for an unlimited number of new series, new films, remakes etc., stage show and theme park rights to the character "MAYA THE BEE" and the underlying books written by Waldermar Bonsels. The Bonsels Foundation only retains the publishing rights to the original books. With a recognition level of over 90 percent across Europe and a popularity that spans generations, MAYA THE BEE has achieved cult status for over 30 years. The animated TV series of the same name celebrated its television premiere in Germany in September 1976 and has been broadcast by countless national and international TV stations. The basis for the popular series was the worldwide bestseller by Waldemar Bonsels, which was first published in 1912 and has since been translated into 40 languages. Ralf Kirberg, Chairman of the Board of the Waldemar Bonsels Foundation commented, "We wish Studio100 Media every success in bringing together three decades of MAYA THE BEE and continuing its popularity in future series and productions. With their expertise we believe that Studio100 Media will maintain the life work of Waldemar Bonsels and Maya and this popular and well loved character will continue to thrill generations to come". Patrick Elmendorff, Managing Director of Studio100 Media commented, "To acquire a cult classic character such as MAYA THE BEE is a huge achievement for Studio100 Media and we are delighted to have secured this buy-out agreement with Waldemar Bonsels Foundation. MAYA THE BEE has a huge fan base and to obtain such a popular character we can continue to accomplish the full potential of Germany's best known bee nationally and internationally."