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Studio Ghibli, Digital Video Team on Toonz

Press Release from Studio Ghibli and Digital Video

Studio Ghibli, the studio that produces the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata among others, and Digital Video, the makers of Toonz, jointly announce the delivery of a special version of Toonz developed by Digital Video based on Studio Ghibli's specifications.

Such derived version will be also made available to the larger community of Toonz users, under the name of Toonz Harlequin v. 6.0.

"We have been delighted to get from Ghibli such an assignment," said Claudio Mattei, C.E.O. of Digital Video. "For 18 months we worked hard, together with the Studio Ghibli team, to create this special version and we are honored to provide our best technology to the Ghibli team for their next project."

"We were very excited to work with Digital Video," said Atsushi Okui, Head of the Imaging Department of Studio Ghibli "We look forward to the challenge of producing our next film using a brand-new tool."