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the STUDIO Designs and Animates Bold New AICP Logo

AICP joined with the STUDIO for animation to usher in rebrand at AICP Week.

AICP (previously The Association of Independent Commercial Producers) teamed up with production company the STUDIO to create an animation to coincides with their rebranding and premiere their new logo. The animation debuted at AICP Week’s Base Camp.

Mary Nittolo, Founder and CCO of the STUDIO, commented: “The essential function of human community is to arrive at some agreement on what we need, what we want to be and what we would like the next generation to learn. The AICP has signified community by embodying that and by realizing that listening is also an act of community; one which understands collective interest, anticipating change, and the appropriate moment to speak. This year the AICP has undergone a rebranding to signify the change in the community they serve.”

Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP, added: “As we prepare for the future, we felt that it was important that we have an identity that signifies strength and a renewed commitment of resolve for our community. As of June 5th, the starting day of 2017 AICP Week, our new identity will simply be: AICP. As ‘AICP’ continues to stand for all of the important things that we do, we will also use the tagline ‘where communications meet craft’ as a descriptor of the special place we hold in the industries we serve. We will see our new identity in many forms and on display thanks to the creativity of many of our members and partners: Brian Collins of brand consultancy Collins -- new identity/design, Trollbäck+Company -- titles for the AICP Show and animated articulation -- and the STUDIO -- Base Camp graphics).”

the STUDIO has a long history of creating the animations and graphics for Base Camp. The animated graphics focus on the new logo and the journey that took place to reach such a bold design. Nittolo said: “Our approach plays with the design’s abstraction of the letters into basic geometric shapes. Since AICP embodies a place where our industry’s essential stories are being created and told, we thought it important to allude to AICP Week’s ultimate destination at MoMA. As in previous years, we start and end with inspiration from an artist. In previous years, it has been Richard Serra and James Turrell. This year, the bold form, cubist abstraction and pattern of Fernand Leger were a definite source of inspiration, particularly the black and white abstractions.”

Further commenting on the process and story behind the campaign, designer Alison Abitbol also said: “The animation we created is a representation of the journey and progress of art. We start with simple lines that become shapes, and transform into 3D objects. As the animation unfolds, the camera pivots and the logo transforms into abstract modern shapes.”

The animations accompanied Base Camp, a series of industry discussions that took place June 5th–7th to kick off AICP week.

The STUDIO is a digital production company that has delivered pre-production storyboards and animatics as well as production and post services for 28 years.

Source: the STUDIO