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Studio B moves to new facility

Studio B Productions has moved to a custom designed studio at 190 AlexanderStreet in Vancouver, British Columbia. The three-floor, 27,000 sq. ft.facility is home to Studio B's animation studio and production house aswell as Mercury Filmworks, a fully equipped digital animation facility, andDick and Roger's, a fully equipped sound studio which means that thefacility now has the ability to produce an animated show or series in itsentirety from script to post-production. The move to larger, customdesigned facilities comes as a result of Studio B's recent success. Threeof its proprietary titles were picked up for broadcast beginning in January2000 --YVON OF THE YUKON will air on YTV; D'MYNA LEAGUES will air onCTV/Baton; and WHAT ABOUT MIMI? will be seen on Teletoon. Studio BProductions was founded by artists Chris Bartleman and Blair Peters in1988. The studio has grown to include a team of over 100 artists, writersand producers. In addition to its own titles, Studio B has producedepisodes of NED'S NEWT for Nelvana, TIMON AND PUMBAA and JUNGLE CUBS forDisney, and CATDOG for Nickelodeon. The studio is currently working onANGRY BEAVERS for Nickelodeon and has just completed MISSION HILL, a primetime series for Film Roman which is now airing on the WB network.