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Studio B Brings Caveboys, Barbarians To MIPCOM

Studio B Productions will showcase a slate of new animated series in development at the 2008 MIPCOM show in Cannes, France, October 13-17 at the Palais Des Festivals.

The series in development that Studio B Productions will be highlighting at MIPCOM include:

CAVEBOY (Preschool)Hagos the Caveboy wakes up every morning wondering why. He asks the same questions as modern day kids do when they step out to their backyards. Along with his sister Yaya and their friends Tuto, Hairy and Cory, Hagos goes on mini-journeys of outdoor exploration, discovery and fun. They've got a giant prehistoric playland waiting for them right outside Hagos' cave door. The trees, rocks, ponds, mud, sand and cool crawly critters are their toys and games, as well as the inspiration for his next question.

HILLCREST PARK (Ages 8-12)Hillcrest would be your average town if not for the supposedly haunted park right in the middle of it. Sightings of bizarre creatures, encounters with the supernatural and strange occurrences seem to happen around the sprawling oasis that's otherwise home to lakes, cafes, playing fields and museums. Of course no one living in Hillcrest wants to acknowledge that their town is unusual, except for a small group of teenagers who are determined to find out the truth. When they learn that they might the cause of the phenomena, cleaning up their town may prove harder than they expected.

B.O.O.M. BOYS (Ages 6-11)B.O.O.M. Boys is about three bionic brothers who build out-of-this-world inventions while escaping the grasp of the evil military agency that developed them. The boys have to lay low, but that's hard to do when you're 13 and super-charged.

HIGH DRAMA HIGH (Ages 9-14)HIGH DRAMA HIGH follows the lives of Jessica and Ben, two freshmen at High Drama High who are determined to ascend to the top of the social ladder. Armed with a yearbook from the previous year, they've worked all summer to concoct the perfect plan: follow the exact paths of the most popular kids who came before them. Too bad there are other students who prefer creating drama that isn't just for the auditorium stage. Created by Jillianne Reinseth and Jennifer Daley, HIGH DRAMA HIGH intersects drama and comedy in a parodied way.

BARBARIAN EXCHANGE (Ages 6-11)Culture shocks abound when modern day kids Becca and Toby Scrimshaw sign up for a student exchange program. They hope to learn about a completely different culture and travel to an exciting city like Paris, Tokyo or Vienna. But they're not heading for any of those places. When they catch the wrong bus, they wind up in a hidden valley that seems stuck in the Middle Ages that time and the internet has forgotten. Now their 21st century sensibilities are clashing hilariously with their new Barbarian parents.

Studio B Productions Inc. is a production subsidiary of DHX Media Ltd.