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Studio B Announces Development Deal With Slap Happy Cartoons

On the heels of MARTHA SPEAKS and KID VS KAT in 2008, Studio B Productions Inc., a production subsidiary of DHX Media Ltd. and Slap Happy Cartoons have signed a development deal for 2D animated series B.O.O.M. Boys, created by Slap Happy Cartoons.

Targeting kids 6-11, B.O.O.M. BOYS is a 52x11 comedy series about three bionic brothers, Flip, Ollie and Kick, who build out-of-this world inventions while escaping the grasp of the evil military agency that developed them. The boys have to lay low, but that's hard to do when you're 13 and super-charged.

Prior to creating B.O.O.M. BOYS, the series creators were award-winning directors, writers, and producers at Studio B. Josh Mepham was the director on multiple shows including BEING IAN, WHAT ABOUT MIMI? AND RICKY SPROCKET. Most recently he worked as co-director on KID VS KAT, Studio B's latest property that was produced with YTV Canada and Jetix Europe.

Greg Sullivan has been a director on numerous Studio B projects, including YVON OF THE YUKON, PUCCA AND YAKKITY YAK. Kathy Rocchio produced YVON OF THE YUKON, YAKKITY YAK and BEING IAN for Studio B, and Vito Viscomi was Story Editor for both BEING IAN and YAKKITY YAK, and has written for many series including YVON OF THE YUKON, THE AMAZING ADRENALINI BROTHERS, KID VS KAT, MONSTER BUSTER CLUB, MR. MEN, VIVA LA BAM and BLUE COLLAR TV.