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Studio AKA Delivers for Blue Diamond

Studio AKA creates a unique world for Blue Diamond in Breezeville, where the town’s milkman Al and Breezy the dog show all the different ways that Almond Breeze can be used as an alternative to other milks.


Studio AKA (Blacklist) and Y&R California came together on this whimsical journey, showing all the different ways that Almond Breeze can be used as a tasty alternative to other milks.

Featuring the town's reliable milkman, Al, and his faithful companion, Breezy the dog, the spot takes viewers on a tour of the town as Al whistles his way through Almond Breeze deliveries.

"We strove to create a unique world for Blue Diamond," commented Studio AKA's Co-Director, Philip Hunt. "We helped Y&R build the foundations of a world that remains recognizable and simple to read while still having a very fanciful and spirited edge."

Studio AKA opted to push a unified 3D style that added graphic, flattened render qualities, stippled shadows and very specific lighting for a unique and signature look. 

“There needed to be a sophisticated whimsy, and we were excited to bring a bit of AKA into the mix to thread the story elements together,” said Co-Director David Prosser. “We wanted it to be pacey but full of small town charm."

Hunt took on script development, co-directing with Prosser who lead the art direction and character design. AKA’s Steve Small rounded out the creative team trio and helped maintain the playful animation aesthetic throughout the spot. 

Source: Blacklist

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