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Stuart Little & Pokemon Fade From International BO

With live-action Julia Roberts-starrer ERIN BROCKOVICH reigning the international box office, POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE and STUART LITTLE started their descent down the charts. For the week ending May 4, 2000, STUART LITTLE fell from the #1 spot in Australia to land in 2nd place. The Columbia pic grossed another US$1.53 million Down Under, raising its cume in the country to $10.7 million. The radiant rodent also fell from the top spot in Germany and Hong Kong to land in fourth place in both countries. STUART's gross in Germany was $516,789, raising its German cume to $4.75 million. The half-sized hero grossed $110,965 in Hong Kong to bring its total in that country to $2.12 million. LITTLE, with primary special effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks, finished at 4th in France and 9th in Brazil. POKEMON finished #1 at the box in Spain and Italy last weekend, but fell to #2 and #6 respectively this past weekend. The Spanish weekend gross for the Japanese imported toon was $1.03 million. Thus far POKEMON's first outing to theatres in Spain has grossed $3.33 million. The weekend receipts for POKEMON in Italy were $407,213, raising its Italian cume to $4.2 million. POKEMON also finished in the top ten in France (#5), Germany (#6), Sweden (#5) and the U.K. (#7). THE TIGGER MOVIE is still alive in Australia, Brazil and the U.K. In Australia, the caffinated cat finished in 4th place, with a gross of $464,692 and a cume of $2.26 million. In Brazil, the Winnie the Pooh spin-off finished in 4th place, with a gross of $264,047 and a cume of $685,145. In the U.K., the Walt Disney flick finished in 8th place, with a gross of $350,913 and a cume of $7.5 million. The STAR TREK-spoof, GALAXY QUEST debuted at #3 in the U.K. The DreamWorks flick, with primary visual effects by ILM and additional effects by Light Matters, grossed $736,609 million. HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL flew up the charts in Germany in its second weekend playing in that country. Being distributed by Helkon, the horror flick grossed $555,841, bringing its British cume to $1.75 million. MISSION TO MARS debuted in Italy in the top spot. The Buena Vista space spectacle grossed $1.07 million. AMERICAN BEAUTY debuted in Japan finishing in second behind fellow Oscar best picture nominee THE GREEN MILE. The DreamWorks' darling AMERICAN BEAUTY grossed $864,184 and THE GREEN MILE took home $980, 561, raising its Japanese cume to $14.65 million. Box office reports obtained in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

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