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Stuart Little Exec Drives StarCars

The executive producer of STUART LITTLE, Stephen Waterman, has signed on to exec produce the new animated feature STARCARS, a co-production between Korean-based entertainment conglomerate Ameko Entertainment Company Ltd. and Hyper Image LLC, an American animation studio specializing in sci-fi CGI. Dong Chung, COO of Ameko will co-executive produce the project. "I am genuinely excited about taking animation beyond the next level and into a new universe," Waterman said. "There is an untapped market of kids who've been raised on computer games and this is a new breed of feature film we feel they'll really embrace." STARCARS is an apocalyptic tale about a deadly race set in the distant future. Kevin O'Donnell, creator of the upcoming PBS animated series POOR RICHARD'S ALMANAC; Rob Smiley, Emmy-nominated director of Fox Kids' OUR FRIEND, MARTIN and president of Hyper Image LLC; and Robby Scharf are producing, with Smiley set to direct. The film is scheduled for release the first quarter of 2001.

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