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Streamland Media’s FarmFX Division Joins Ghost VFX

International visual effects house further solidifies global service business with UK offices in London and Manchester. 

LOS ANGELES -- Streamland Media has announced that as part of its ongoing growth strategy, it will integrate its FarmFX division (The Farm Group, UK) under its global brand, Ghost VFX effective immediately. This will further solidify its market presence as a full-service international VFX house while also establishing UK offices in London and Manchester.

“The integration of the FarmFX and Ghost VFX is the latest in a series of important moves for Streamland Media and its group of companies as we further strengthen our industry-leading position,” commented Streamland Media CEO, Bill Romeo. “Our global network of award-winning teams allows us to provide the most innovative solutions while being able to meet the needs of our clients wherever we can service them most effectively.”

Over the last twenty years, Ghost VFX has become known as one of the most innovative visual effects studios in the world. Their global teams have over two hundred VFX contributions to block-buster feature films, top television shows, and commercials. In addition, they boast an incredible roster of award-winning talent. The newly established Ghost VFX UK office is in Soho, Central London with an additional office in Manchester. Tom Kendall, president of Ghost VFX, will manage the team from the Los Angeles Headquarters. Anna-Louise Gordon, head of VFX UK, will continue to oversee its day-to-day operations under the new brand and Matt Richardson, creative director/VFX supervisor UK, will supervise all VFX projects.

“The FarmFX division has grown rapidly over the years from providing notable VFX contributions to also securing many important independent projects which have helped solidify their industry reputation,” added Kendall. “Their impressive work and passion for creativity will provide many synergies, and they are a welcomed addition to our global VFX team.”

Source: Streamland Media