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Strange Beast Releases New ‘Little Things’ CG Short

Directed by Sam Mason and Mario Hugo, new CG-animated short film puts viewers at the ground-level perspective of the toddler who inspired it.

LONDON – Strange Beast Studios has announced Little Things, a new film from Sam Mason and Mario Hugo. The stunning CGI short, invites you into the imagination of a child. Directed by Mason, Little Things puts you at the ground-level perspective of the toddler who inspired it.

Recalling his childhood, Sam talks about staring at furniture from a peculiar height and the unique point of view it gives, looking at things from the underside. Details that seem plain become extraordinary and magical when viewed close up. Reflecting the two-sided nature of the song, Little Things shows a nostalgic view of childhood, the beauty of a child perspective and the inevitable sadness when it’s lost.

Animated by Mason, the CGI creates a realistic and strange world. Objects that are dull to an adult become frightening and wonderful through a child’s eyes.

Sam Mason is a 3D designer, director and part of the Strange Beast family. Strange Beast is a creative studio with a broad range of skills; taking illustration and bringing it to life on the page, in motion and through experiences.

Source: Strange Beast Studios