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Store Features this week: Czech Masters and American Independents

By Guest (not verified) | Wednesday, December 30, 1998 at 12:00am
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Featured in the Animation Store this week:

Czech Masters

Jiri Trnka's Film Collection. An AWN exclusive: A two tape collection from one of the greatest puppet animators the world has ever seen. -"Emperor's Nightingale", a puppet animation classic. - "Jiri Trnka's Shorts" featuring his last, and most famous work, "The Hand," a darkly humorous allegory on totalitarianism which won a number of international awards.

"Alice" by Jan Svankmajer: His masterpiece, a personal interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland" that remains true to the absurdity of Lewis Carroll's original, but bears the stamp of Svankmajer's own distinctive style and obsessions.

American Independents

"Death Laughs Among Us," a collection of John Schnall's slightly warped short films. Seven of this filmmaker's wildly inventive animated films, from the blistering showman-from-hell cynicism of "Buy My Film!" to the surrealistic child-rearing techniques of "Frankenstein."

Another AWN exclusive: Karen Aqua's films' collection. Her films have developed a strong following after appearing in virtually every major animation festival during the past decade. Her work explores the themes of transformation, journeys, myth, and the human spirit.