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Store features this week: collection of Russia's most important short films!

Featured in the Animation World Store this week: an amazing collection of Russia's most important short films!

This collection features films by Russia's world renowned directors, winners of the top prizes at every major film and animation festival. Volumes 1-3 consist of twelve films currently playing in the United States on Bravo and The Independent Film Channel. Volume 4, The Children's Collection, includes five films from volume 1-3 especially suited for younger audiences. Volume 5 features Yuri Norstein, considered the most remarkable director to emerge from the current generation of Russian animators. Volume 6, as well as volumes 1-3, includes the works of master Fyodor Khitruk and Eduard Nazarov, who has made remarkable innovations in the fairy tale genre. Volume 7 shows the works of Andrei Khrjanovsky and leaders of the Stop Motion Movement.

This extraordinary collection is now available for sale in the Animation World Store, with seven individual tapes, or in tape packages.