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‘The Stimulated Method’ Shares Insights on Scaling Animation and Design Using Hybrid Methodologies

Robb Wagner’s new book provides step-by-step guidelines for in-house marketing, brand, and communication teams looking for new ways to leverage their creative assets with fewer resources and less overall effort.

Robb Wagner’s new book, “The Stimulated Method,” a playbook for living your best creative work-life in the hybrid age, is now available on Amazon and the Apple Books app. This step-by-step guide teaches in-house creative, marketing, brand and communications teams at global companies how to scale their animation, motion, development and design using the hybrid methodology employed by Wagner for such recognized brands as Disney, Viacom and Carnival Cruise Line.

How can you live your best creative work-life by embracing a hybrid model? That’s the question Wagner answers in book that boils down 10 years of knowledge, insights, rules and counterintuitive mindset shifts gained through his own hybrid experience working on real-world, seven-figure creative projects.

Key takeaways from “The Stimulated Method”:

  • Learn best practices for keeping up with increasing demand for digital marketing, advertising and communications assets.
  • Achieve a higher level of creative work using fewer resources and less effort overall.
  • Gain more control over your budgets and schedules with formulas for remote work budgeting that accurately estimate and control hybrid work costs and timelines.
  • Find out how to vet the specialists that will save your company time, protect your budgets and help drive creative success.
  • Learn how to create bulletproof remote job briefs, your first step toward mastering hybrid creative work at scale.
  • Discover why a system to automate assets, links, information and communication will increase productivity among in-house teams and remote artists alike when they are no longer mired in the repetition of tedious workflow management.
  • Understand how adopting hybrid creative work will help your company navigate global paradigm shifts like an economic downturn or a pandemic.

“I invented my hybrid method to transform my creative business, little knowing how it would change my life,” Wagner explains. “After years of being overworked and exhausted from my creative job, suddenly I had a balanced life and I was happier.”

Visit or the Apple Books app to purchase your copy. 

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.