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‘Star Wars’ Fan Art Ignites Battle of the Babies

3D artist Leo Viti creates Baby Jabba in response to ‘The Mandalorian’ Child, Baby Yoda.

Move over ‘Baby Yoda,’ there’s a new Child in town: Baby Jabba. Disney’s The Mandalorian surprised fans with The Child, the cutest and best kept secret of the entire franchise, inspiring artists to create baby versions of other alien creatures. The best we’ve seen so far is Baby Jabba the Hutt, a creation of Leo Viti, a 3D artist residing in London, England. Viti completed the image in two days, and "It got bigger than I ever imagined," Viti says after it was posted on Reddit.  The little creature soon went viral, sparking the question, “Who is cuter: Baby Yoda or Baby Jabba?”

Check out Viti’s Instagram for more of his rad 3D art. Who knows, he might post even more chubby space babies soon.

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