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STAR BLAZERS episodes offered on internet

New York-based Corporation and Voyager Entertainment, Inc.have announced a partnership to bring the Japanese television series, STARBLAZERS, to the Internet. The series first appeared on US television in1979, and lasted for three seasons. The story of STAR BLAZERS is about agroup of heroic voyagers who, in order to save Earth from invasion, journeyon the starship Argo to battle the diabolical forces of Gamilon, the evilstellar empire. "There has been further interest to bring back STAR BLAZERSto television," Barry Winston, president of Voyager Entertainment, Inc.,the US STAR BLAZERS rights holder, said. "By exposing STAR BLAZERS to theInternet, we hope to reach the thousands of dormant fans and reach new fanswho are attracted to anime in general." A total of six episodes will beavailable at With two episodes from each season, will stream a STAR BLAZERS episode each week for a period ofsix weeks. is an online entertainment company. The Websitebegan to offer the episodes the week of September 1, 1999.