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Stan Lee Media Set To Launch Backstreet Boys Project

Highlighted by a gala bash at the Hard Rock Café in Orlando, Florida on August 27, Stan Lee Media will unveil their new Webseries, THE BACKSTREET PROJECT, featuring superhero-likenesses of the singing group sensation, the Backstreet Boys. The promotional push will also include a marketing campaign, featuring CDs and action figure toys, at the Burger King restaurant chain. "We are thrilled that the Backstreet/Burger King promotion will be one of the largest promotions ever to support an Internet entertainment franchise," said SLM president and CEO, Kevin Williams. "The project represents the first co-owned, globally-branded music franchise that Stan Lee Media has launched, and it represents a major step forward in our effort to become one of the largest aggregators of entertainment on the Internet." The bi-weekly Webseries will follow the Backstreet Boys as Cyber Crusaders who fight to rid the Earth of evil.

Read Lee Dannachers Animation World Magazine profile of Stan Lee Media and discover that the Internet company is much more than just "The Man" who gives it its name.

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