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Stan Lee Media Lands Top Animation Talent

Three of animation's top producer/artists on BATMAN, THE X-MEN and THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, as well as such comic book classics as SPIDER-MAN, CONAN and TARZAN, have joined Stan Lee Media, Inc. (SLM). Will Meugniot, Larry Houston and Thomas McLaughlin, who have overseen programming for such major studios as Fox, Warner Bros., Sony and Saban, will be steering SLM projects in development as well as THE 7TH PORTAL Web animation franchise. "Capturing the quinella of award-winning TV animation producers is a coup of unprecedented dimensions for the Internet as an entertainment medium," said SLM co-founder Peter F. Paul. "With the appointments of Will, Larry and Tom to key company posts, this further demonstrates that Stan Lee Media is the leader in coverging traditional media leaders with the Internet." As executive vice president of creative production for SLM, Meugniot will serve as editor-in-chief, supervising script development, the production of "Webisodes" and other macro issues. A two-time Emmy nominee and winner of Genesis and International Monitor Awards, the 20-year veteran has produced such animated series as THE X-MEN, EXOSQUAD, CONAN, THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, SECRET FILES OF THE SPYDOGS, CAPTAIN PLANET and SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED. Meugniot began working for SLM as a director of the jointly owned The Backstreet Boys Web animation. As a creative producer/director, Houston will run day-to-day operations on current projects, which include THE 7TH PORTAL along with four additional new franchises set to launch in the coming months. Houston has served as director/producer/storyboard artist on animated series such as THE FANTASTIC FOUR, SPIDER -MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THE X-MEN, BATMAN, DISNEY'S TAILSPIN, HBO'S SPAWN, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, ROBOCOP, THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST, MR. T, SALTY'S LIGHTHOUSE, FAT DOG MENDOZA and CAPTAIN PLANET, for which he was nominated for an Emmy in 1991. As a creative producer/director/designer, McLaughlin will oversee new company projects still to be announced. The 20-year veteran has brought his talents to such animated series as THE X-MEN, SPIDER-MAN, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, BATMAN, BATMAN BEYOND, SUPERMAN, IRON MAN, JUMANJI, GARGOYLES, SILVER SURFER and DUCKMAN. The pendulum is certainly swinging in a new direction...

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