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Squeeze Launches MOOV, First Motion Capture Animation Studio in Québec City

New mocap division under the leadership of video game and film veteran Dave Massicotte to provide high-quality animation services to video game and film producers.

Québec, Canada – Squeeze has announced the creation of MOOV, a new division focused on realistic animation. Located in Squeeze’s offices, MOOV becomes the first motion capture studio in Québec City. MOOV offers high-quality animation services to video game and film producers, using the finest technology available in the world. Under the leadership of video game and film veteran Dave Massicotte, the new division is expected to create at least five-to-10 new full-time jobs in the course of 2017, and support several indirect jobs related to the local filming industry (actors, stunt actors, technicians, and audio services).

“During our first five years, Squeeze has developed a renowned expertise in keyframe animation. Our team is appreciated for its unique talent to bring cartoony characters to life,” says Denis Doré, Squeeze’s president and co-founder. “With the motion capture technology, MOOV makes it possible for us to reach the same level of excellence with realistic animation. We expect increased collaboration opportunities with the video game, TV and film producers located in Québec City. This will also allow us to offer more services to our international partners.”

“With MOOV, we are truly pushing the acting and the technology to produce the most realistic 3D animations,” says Dave Massicotte, MOOV’s head of motion capture. “We are currently building a team of very talented artists, with strong backgrounds in film and video games. These experts will be working with the most advanced technology to deliver bigger than life character performances.”

Source: Squeeze

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