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Squeeze Collaborates with Scavengers Studio on ‘Season’ Game Trailer

Using highly stylized and artistic 2D, the trailer captures the cinematic creative vision of the game using original and innovative techniques.

Montreal-based Scavengers Studio’s new game, Season, developed for Sony's PlayStation and Steam, was revealed to the public at last week’s Game Awards. Season is a third-person atmospheric adventure game where the player plays as a young woman from a remote village exploring the world by bike for the first time, collecting artifacts and memories before a cataclysm washes everything away. The game will be available on Sony's PlayStation and Steam at an undisclosed date.

Squeeze Studio Animation produced the game’s 2D official trailer:

A team of 32 people at Squeeze worked on the project, using a highly stylized and artistic 2D format, in contrast to the 3D productions the studio normally delivers. The 37-second trailer features cinematic camera shots at sunset, inviting the viewer to set off on an adventure in with the game's protagonist. Using this technique, the studio was able to capture the creative vision of the game in the trailer thanks to its original and innovative style. 

Source: Squeeze Studio Animation