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Squanch Games Launches ‘High on Life’ DLC

Claymation trailer helps you lean into horror with the aptly titled ‘High on Knife’ expansion, featuring a new adventure for Knifey to shine and stab on a fully realized new planetary environment with new characters, hazards, and spooky surprises; releases October 3.

Squanch Games has announced the High on Knife DLC for the breakout hit video game High On Life will launch on October 3 for all platforms. High On Knife gives Knifey his chance to shine (and stab) on a fully realized new planetary environment loaded with all-new characters, hazards, and spooky surprises. 

“We really leaned into horror with High On Knife, so it only made sense to launch it around Halloween,” says Mike Fridley, Squanch's Studio director. “The DLC brings more goop, nastier body horror, creepier bosses, and all kinds of strange new stuff to the world we established with High On Life.”

Squanch also released a stop-motion teaser trailer that highlights the DLC’s creepy vibes and showcases the new gross-out trading cards you can collect – created by the legendary Joe Simko, the illustrator known for his work with Garbage Pail Kids.

Check out the nasty new Claymation trailer for the High on Knife DLC now:

High On Knife introduces a pair of brand-new talking gun characters, too. Harper, voiced by Sarah Sherman (Saturday Night Live), is an ex-military pistol who’s trying to come to terms with her traumatic past. And then there‘s B.A.L.L., a pinball-inspired gun operated by a coordinated group of little guys who are doing their best. Players have to explore a creepy new sci-fi setting while being hunted by Mux, a mysterious new boss voiced by the incomparable Gabourey Sidibe (American Horror StoryPrecious).

The original game is available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, and Xbox Game Pass on console, PC, and cloud has surpassed more than 7.5 million unique players worldwide. High On Life was the top seller on Steam during launch week, the biggest Xbox Game Pass release of 2022, the biggest 3rd party launch in Game Pass history, and the biggest single-player game launch on Game Pass ever. 

High On Life follows the misadventures of an unmotivated high-school graduate who becomes Earth's last hope following an alien invasion. These interstellar invaders are on a constant search for their next intoxicating experience, and, unfortunately, they discover that humans provide an exquisite high. The only solution is to become a bounty hunter, tracking down the kingpins in the alien cartel to stop their horrifying harvest. It makes sense in context, OK?!

The High on Knife DLC for High on Life launches October 3 on all platforms.

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