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Spud Wins Cartoons On The Bay

In the competition at Cartoons on the Bay, Folimages imaginative SPUD AND THE VEGETABLE GARDEN took home three prizes. The 5th Cartoons On The Bay International Festival of Television Animation was held in Positano (Amalfi Coast), Italy from April 5 - 9. Cartoons on the Bay is the only festival in the world dedicated to television animation. The festival is an international event with awards, workshops, lectures and events centering on the ever-changing world of television animation. The festival also grants a lifetime achievement award, which this year was granted to Phil Roman, a true pioneer. At the event Pulcinella Awards were presented to highlight top achievements in TV animation. This year's jury was comprised of: Jean-François Laguionie (author, France) as President of the jury, Joel Andryc (executive vice president kid's programming & development, Fox Family Channels, USA), William Hetzer (former chief broadcasting communication, UNICEF, USA), Guido Manuli (author, Italy) and Colin Rose (executive producer animation, BBC, United Kingdom). After viewing all of the 35 programs in competition, the jury awarded the prizes and gave their reasons for awarding particular projects. Below is a complete list of winners.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Character of the Year


Prod: TSI - Swiss Television

Director: Fusako Yusaki

Peo is a loveable and expressive character who has great appeal to a pre-school audience. His expressive face and magical clay transformations tell the stories without Peo speaking any words. Peo's humorous antics have universal appeal that will touch the hearts of children around the world.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Programme of the Year


Prod: Folimage, in co-production with France 3, Teletoon, TPS Jeunesse, SWR WDR

Director: Benoît Chieux, Damien Louche Pélissier

SPUD AND THE VEGETABLE GARDEN distinguished itself among all the programs in competition by the quality of its direction together with a clear and universal message of rejection toward genetic experimentation, expressed in the manner of an entertaining fable.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Series for Infants


Prod: ZDF in co-production with TV Loonland AG, Happy Life Animation AB

Director: Albert Hanan Kaminski

This series respects the intelligence of very young children and, by means of two well contrasted characters, introduces them to an imaginative world which possesses both a sense of established security and potential for initiative and adventure.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Series for Children


Prod: Studio B Productions, in co-production with EmTV & Merchandising AG

Director: Coleen Holub, Josh Mepham

Mimi is a believable and attractive character poised at the border of childhood and adolescence who provides a positive inspirational model for children approaching this stage in their lives. This well-observed, skillfully scripted and thought-provoking comedy series stakes out entertaining territory, which this age group can claim as their own. The jury took a considered decision to change the nominated category of this program because they found it served the needs of the children's audience in a particularly effective and refreshing way.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Series for Young Adults and Adults


Prod: Klasky Csupo

Director: Cathy Malkasian

For its humor, imaginative design and the inventiveness of its plot.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Series for All Audiences


Prod: Ellipsanime, in co-production with France 2, TVA International, Gribouille, Canal+, Y TV, Ex Machina

Director: Didier Pourcel

XCALIBUR is an exciting and well-crafted action-adventure series that appeals to audiences of all ages. State-of-the-art computer graphics, innovative directing and a moving orchestral score all contribute to making this a magical program that works on multiple of levels, for kids and adults alike.

Pulcinella Award for the Best TV Movie


Prod: Folimage, in co-production with France 3, Teletoon, TPS Jeunesse, SWR WDR

Director: Benoît Chieux, Damien Louche Pélissier

For the inventive design of the characters and the vivid use of color in the backgrounds in a story which emphasizes friendship and the acceptance of personal diversity.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Short-film for TV

1300 CC

Prod: Bermuda Shorts

Director: Eoin Clarke

The jury admired the energy, exuberance and brutal comedy of this fast-moving short film. It used a rough-edged, powerful graphic technique in the service of an inventive script driven by the well-tried engine of a series of misunderstandings between two archetypal characters.

Pulcinella Award for the Best Online Programme

The jury regretfully decided not to attribute this award because it found the entries disappointing from the point of view of both script and technical quality. At the same time the jury would like to encourage the Festival to persevere with this category because of the freedom of expression and production which it offers to a new generation of animation filmmakers.

Pulcinella Award for the Best European Programme


Prod: Folimage, in co-production with France 3, Teletoon, TPS Jeunesse, SWR WDR

Director: Benoît Chieux, Damien Louche Pélissier

Amongst the European entries SPUD AND THE VEGETABLE GARDEN distinguishes itself by the originality of its subject and the quality of its story telling.

Special Mention


Prod: Saba Co

Director: Noureddin Zarrinkelk

Although the jury deplores the situation of working children in the world today, POOD reflects the mythical relationship between nature and the creator of the first carpet made in Iran. The film achieves its goal by capturing beautiful imagery through limited animation techniques.


Prod: Cromosoma SA

Director: Baltasar Pedrosa

For the poetic approach to story telling expressed through the character of Juanito and for the skillful integration of different animation techniques.

Pulcinella Award for His Career


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