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Spread the Vote PSA Implores Us to ‘Read the F*ing Directions’

Hundreds of thousands of ballots get thrown out because they’re not filled out correctly; new short uses humor to emphasize that everyone should pay attention when voting by mail, because every ballot counts.

Non-partisan voter education group Spread The Vote has partnered with three animators who met on the Disney series, Miles From Tomorrowland, to launch Read the F*ing Directions, a website dedicated to providing clear, concise information on how to fill out your ballot correctly, with specifics on ballots from all 50 states plus DC. Check out their humorous new PSA imploring us to “Read the F*ng Directions!”

According to the group, 300,000 absentee ballots were thrown out in the November 2016 election, and during the 2020 primaries, over 500,000 mail-in ballots were thrown out, because “people don’t ‘Read The F*ing Directions.’ This fall, with the help of animators, filmmakers, comedians, and partners, Spread The Vote is helping Americans in all 50 states and DC read the f*ing directions, fill out their ballots correctly, and make sure their vote is counted.”

The PSA was written, animated, and directed by Max Miceli and Michael Daedalus Kenny, produced by Sascha Paladino, with music composed and performed by Bela Fleck.

Source: Spread The Vote