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SPLICE Creates Clever 3D Animation for Allianz

New commercial campaign for the Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America features a 3D world made of paper.

Minneapolis -- Creative Director Chris Averbeck at SPLICE showcases his keen design and animation talent in the newest commercial campaign for the Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. Working client-direct, the SPLICE team of designers and animators, led by Averbeck, collaborated closely with the in-house creative team at Allianz Life creating four 15-second spots which were recently launched nationwide.

Developed by the in-house creative agency at Allianz Life in partnership with SPLICE, the new spots build on the Allianz Life campaign theme “Pronounced: Ahh-lee-ahnz,” providing consumers with examples of how Allianz Life can help put the “Ahhh in retirement.”

“We’re excited to share this messaging with our target audience and provide more detail about how Allianz Life can be an effective partner in their retirement planning strategy,” said Allianz Life Assistant Vice President U.S. Marketing, Brand, and Creative Services Julia Gutz Moller. “We’re confident these ads will connect with consumers and help drive the retirement planning conversation.”

“SPLICE was a fantastic creative partner,” says Allianz Life Art Director Rick Dupre, whose team includes Creative Director Rick Gibson and Writer Craig McNamara. “CD Chris Averbeck and the team of animators really dazzled me. We brought rough storyboards and visual references to help guide the process, but they really brought our ideas to life with an elegance and charm that exceeded my expectations. They were very open, collaborative, and intuitive. They won our trust quickly and thus we were all able to speak openly about what was working and what was not. No egos. No drama. I am thrilled with the final product; it is perfectly on brand, but a leap forward in sophistication.” Allianz Life Creative Director Rick Gibson adds: “We always felt we were true collaborative partners with the SPLICE team. They've always been a pleasure and an inspiration to work with.”

Averbeck says the clients at Allianz Life were “unique in that they let us do a lot of the creativity on our own. For this particular project, they gave us a script and a pencil drawing to work with. The request was then made to have us put the project into a ‘paper world.’ We were able to do it in a 3D world. They were very accepting of ideas and options. After the first pass, they felt comfortable that we were on the right track. When they requested waves, we had to figure out if it would be ribbons or how we wanted the look to unfold. The client really trusted us, and we appreciated that.”

Source: SPLICE

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