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Spike and Mike returns to L.A., Montreal, and San Francisco!

The Nuart in Los Angeles will be showing the 1999 Spike and Mike's ClassicFestival of Animation Friday, May 28-Thursday, June 3. The program includesBlue Sky Studios' Oscar-nominated BUNNY, Aardman's HUM DRUM, DigitalDomain's TIGHTROPE, Pierre Coffin's PINGS, Peter Reynolds' THE BLUE SHOE,Annecy-winner SIENTJE, Don Hertzfeldt's BILLY'S BALLOON, Laurent Gorgiard'sMAN WITH THE PENDULOUS ARMS, Behaviour Productions' THE ART OF SURVIVAL,Chris Landreth's BINGO, Folimage's THE ROMANCE OF MY HEART, Eric Fernandes'SON OF BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA, Emma Calder's THE QUEEN'S MONASTERY, AnnaHenckel-Donnermarck's BUSBY, classics from past festivals like Christopheand Wolfgang Lauenstein's Oscar-winning short BALANCE and Marv Newland'sBAMBI MEETS GODZILLA. The Nuart is located in West Los Angeles, Californiaat 11272 Santa Moncia Blvd. For more information call (310) 479-6379. Theprogram is also playing at the Towne Theatre in San Jose, Californiathrough May 27, 1999 (408) 287-1433; Rafael Film Center in San Rafael,California through 27, 1999 (415) 454-1222; Red Vic Movie House in SanFrancisco, California through 23, 1999 (415) 668-3994; Cinema du Parc inMontreal, Quebec, Canada from May 21 to 27, 1999 (514) 279-3830; Laemmle'sColorado Theatre in Pasadena, California, June 4 through 10, 1999 (626)796-9704; Five Star Theatre in Northridge, California June 11 through 17,1999 (818) 993-0211; and Real Art Ways Cinema in Hartford, Connecticut June16 through 22, 1999 (860) 232-1006.

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