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Spears Seduces The Trousers Off Prince William

In a new animated short entitled WILLS WORLD, U.S. pop star Britney Spears seduces the trousers right off Prince William. Airing on June 21, 2000 on the U.K.s Channel 4, the special cartoon is a funny send off to celebrate the Princes 18th birthday. The 18-year-old singer, Spears, has long expressed her hots for the hunky prince, elder son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. One portion of the cartoon shows the teenaged temptress pulling down the prince's trousers as she pursues him. Oscar-Award winner Bob Godfrey directed the satirical look at the day in the life of a royal family member. Besides his 1976 win for GREAT, Godfrey has been nominated for three other best animated short Oscars, including his most recent in 1993 for SMALL TALK. A Channel Four spokesman said, "It's an affectionate sideways look at the first really modern prince."

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