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Spain’s ‘Pumpkin Reports’ to be Unveiled at MIPCOM

Motion Pictures Distribution will screen exclusive footage of its latest project, ‘Pumpkin Reports,’ at MIPCOM.

Motion Pictures Distribution, Barcelona-based production and distribution company, introduced its latest and most ambitious project, Pumpkin Reports coming summer of 2015. MIPCOM is set to be the right place to screen in exclusive the first completed footage and an exclusive teaser will also be presented in the frame of the cocktail Audiovisual from Spain is organizing on Saturday at 16:15 at Palm Beach during MIPJr.

The show, composed by 52 episodes of 11 minutes each and targeted to 6 to 10 year old kids, is a comedy which narrated the misadventures of Max, an 11 year-old kid, who has been living the most ideal childhood as an only son and being the most popular kid at school. His life will totally collapse with the arrival of 2 new siblings, Teresa (11) and Goliath (3), at home.

“He could have been devastated but either he chooses to keep on doing what he’s always loved, even though he’s not the best at anything anymore.” says Xavi Mas, in charge of development of the series. Max’s big problem though will come up when he discovers his new brother and sister are, in fact, to spy secret aliens disguised as kids in an advance mission to prepare the land for an invasion. This way, Max will have to save the world every episode, but nobody at friendly Cucurtown will thank him for that nor care since everybody loves so much Teresa and Goliath to think they’re aliens. “We think this is a conflict kids can really feel identified with: the arrival of a new brother, not being as important anymore and feeling rest of people don’t care about what’s important to them”

Luckily, Max won’t be alone with his mission. Three other odd characters will help him dealing with the aliens: Violet Violet, a viper-tongue cool-hunter; Pixel Sillicon, a conspiracy theory and alien lover nerd; and Simon Sillicon, a fallen in disgrace genius capable of manufacturing the most crazy and not always effective technology from junk and garbage.

The show is been co-produced with TVE, TV3 and RAI as confirmed broadcasting partners and Italian audio expert production company, Sample Srl and Malaysian Young Jump Animation, dealing with the animation, as coproduction partners. Tony Albert, CEO of the company, has stated “It’s been a long and difficult path being able to put all pieces together but we are glad having arrived here and are really enthusiastic with the final result. We are really convinced of having found the best partners for this project. Each foot in the table provides to the show with a rate of quality that exceeds by far the original idea".

Set to be launched by Summer of 2015, the series counts already with the confirmed preacquisitions of Gloobs in Brazil and MBC in Middle east though a significant amount of further deals is set to be announced soon.

“We are aware and thankful of the big amount of interests the show has generated so far and are convinced the show will be able to fulfill the expectations created” says Albert.

Source: Motion Pictures Distribution

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