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South Park Boys Hit 100 Episodes; Norman Lear To Collaborate On New Season

SOUTH PARK returns with more action, more social satire, more life lessons, as well as pointers from legendary television producer Norman Lear as the seventh season of the series created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker begins Wednesday, March 19 at 10:00 pm on Comedy Central. Lear will collaborate with the SOUTH PARK creators who said they are thrilled to be working with one of their idols. "Norman is a genius," said Parker in a release. "ALL IN THE FAMILY was an inspiration to us and a whole generation." Stone added, "We have so much respect for the groundbreaking television he's responsible for. We're honored that he's a fan of our show and has agreed to work with us." Lear said, "SOUTH PARK is funny and irreverent in times that we need it most. My son introduced me to the show a few years ago and I've been a fan ever since." SOUTH PARK joins the exclusive ranks of those sitcoms that have reached the 100th episode mark. The 100th episode is scheduled to air Wednesday, April 9, 2003 at 10:00 pm. Highlights from the upcoming season have Cartman representing the United States in a youth-oriented mock UN, sponsored by Michael Jackson. In other episodes, Cartman travels back in time to face-off with the country's founding fathers and, if that weren't enough for the average fourth grader, he's forced to deal with the pressures of stardom when one of his body parts becomes too famous for its own good. Jimmy and Timmy feel they aren't getting the respect they deserve so they join the "Crips." And finally, in a horrifying holiday episode, SOUTH PARK explores the origins of every child's darkest fantasy, the Easter Bunny. Launched in 1997, SOUTH PARK remains the highest-rated series on Comedy Central. SOUTH PARK repeats Fridays at midnight, Saturdays at 10:30 pm and 2:00 am, and Sundays at 11:00 pm. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are co-creators and executive producers of SOUTH PARK with Anne Garefino also serving as executive producer.