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Sony Imageworks Teams With Marvel on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Select visual effects sequences for blockbuster film completed at Imageworks in tandem with lead VFX facility MPC.

CULVER CITY, CA -- The onscreen universe of Marvel Studios' August 1st release Guardians of the Galaxy appeared more expansive, immersive and complex, thanks in part to the collaborative efforts of Sony Pictures Imageworks -- the Academy Award-winning visual effects and digital character animation company -- which completed 88 shots for the film while working in tandem with lead VFX facility MPC.

The VFX shots—which included creating and extending CG environments, both interiors (the engine room of the Dark Aster spaceship) and exteriors (deep space and encountering atmosphere during entry)—were worked on by Imageworks teams in both Culver City and Vancouver, B.C., all under the leadership of Pete Travers, Sony Pictures Imageworks VFX Supervisor on the project.

Travers says, "Our work on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was probably the quickest we've ever turned anything around for any of our clients -- it was also some of the most artistically satisfying, because of our continuing collaboration with both Marvel and MPC, which deepens with every project. I also think this is one of Marvel's boldest projects, and it was really fun to work on."

Imageworks' shots are concentrated in the final reel of the film, and were all completed inside of eight weeks, during May and June of 2014. Travers comments, "With such tight time constraints, there was no room for 2D experimentation. Anything that really needed a full 3D build, got one. Our experience with Marvel was great, because they perfectly prepped our files, and their notes were always on point and easy to implement. The whole time, we were in sync with MPC, because we worked on everything together."

Victoria Alonso, EVP of VFX & Post Production at Marvel, says, "We continue to come to Imageworks for not only the artistic expertise and talent, but also because we've developed a professional rapport with their VFX teams, which comes in very useful during those last weeks of post-production. We know that they will deliver quality on-time."

Source: Sony Pictures Imageworks

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