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Softimage Launches New Version of SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR

Softimage has launched SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIORv.1.5 - the latest version of its cutting edge crowd effects software. This third release includes an array of customer-driven improvements as well as new and innovative features that enable users to build sophisticated behavioral simulations quickly and creatively. Along with its production-proven Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR v.1.5 system, includes an SDK, as well as a batch processing module, offering greater flexibility for both art and development pipelines in the visualization, film and commercial broadcast industries.

"At Rhythm & Hues, speed, ease of use and flexibility are key to our production pipeline," said Mark Brown, vp of technology for Rhythm & Hues. "The SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR software lets us begin designing the shot immediately rather than fighting with the software. Not only does SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR increase our ability to handle large, complex scenes with ease, it lets us expand our visual effects repertoire, and build on our creative vision."

"As expectations for crowd simulation continue to grow, the demand for fast, production-ready solutions is increasing dramatically," stated Gareth Morgan, product manager at Softimage. "This release addresses the need for rapid simulations that follow the creative process. SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR combines highly innovative flocking algorithms, a powerful IDE and the new Batch module to deliver our customers a superior crowd effects environment."

The SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR v.1.5 system includes the only batch processing module available for crowd simulation applications. This module enables the off-loading of CPU-intensive simulations to a background process that can be "farmed" out to separate CPUs, freeing the artist to continue working within the unique IDE. In response to feedback from industry leading clients, this new version of the SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR system includes a robust SDK that allows for easier integration into existing 3-D pipelines, regardless of the application on which the pipeline is based. The SDK will also make more complex effects, such as dynamics, available to simulations within the SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR environment.

The SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR v.1.5 system is now available for purchase at $14,995. One license of SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR batch is included as part of the standard SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR package; additional licenses can be purchased separately for $1,995. Contact Softimage or your local Softimage reseller for more details or visit

Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology Inc., is an industry leader in 3D animation, 2D cel animation, compositing and special effects software, designed to address the demands of the film and commercial/broadcast and games/interactive industries. The SOFTIMAGE|XSI software, an integral player in Avid's Make, Manage and Move Media strategy, is the flagship product offering from Softimage. It is the industry's first 3D nonlinear production environment providing animators and digital artists the freedom to make professional animation, vfx and games.

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