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Socks Lost In Laundry Are Found In Sockville

Explore the question that has been bugging us, our parents and even our grandparents: where does that one sock go when it gets lost in the dryer?!

When you see the premiere episode of SOCKVILLE, "A New Pair Of Socks," you will finally get that age-old question answered.

Fueled by the imagination, SOCKVILLE is a happy place for socks to live. There are socks of many different colors, shapes, and sizes all working together to make SOCKVILLE a better place.

More than just a children's series, SOCKVILLE is an educational concept that spans home entertainment, television, gaming, the internet and print media. SOCKVILLE is a magical world inhabited by an assortment of lovable lost socks, where your socks go when they get lost in the laundry. With colorful sets, wacky characters and 3D animation, the world of SOCKVILLE comes to life before your eyes. Designed to educate as well as entertain, SOCKVILLE makes learning fun.

Combining traditional creative puppetry with modern components such as CG, animatronics and green screen compositing, SOCKVILLE has a unique look and personality. The utilization of technology does not stop at the production level.

The concept is designed to take advantage of new media and powerful emerging trends such as HD Blu-Ray, HD DVD, mobile media, podcasting, MMOL, viral video, viral marketing, On-Demand programming, Web 2.0 strategies and new Internet opportunities.

SOCKVILLE's cast of original wacky characters uses amusing skits and songs to entertain as well as educate children of all ages in lessons in manners, morals, sharing, friendship, teamwork and more.

Professor Darning is the town's mentor. His laboratory, located in the heart of Sockville, is an elaborate clothes dresser with multiple floors of wonder. Stinky, his faithful yet curious assistant, always seems to be getting into something, and pops up all over Sockville. Bobby Sox and Polly Esther are the newest socks on the block.

They have just arrived in Sockville, and have much to learn Because it is both entertaining and educational, parents and grandparents can feel satisfied that the kids are spending their television time watching a quality show.

SOCKVILLE is the brainchild of the award-winning team at Bee Flicks Entertainment, a Hollywood, California production company with affiliates in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. Conceived by producer/director James "Bud" Gregson and artist and photographer Stephen Dunsford in 1977, the concept started as an idea for a skit for a comedy show. Patrick Voss of Robot Monkey Lab, a special effects production company, collaborated with Bee Flicks to help develop the concept into a viable product.

"SOCKVILLE: A New Pair of Socks" was released on DVD in November 2007. They are currently in pre-production of the next Sockville videos, "The Pirates Who Like Colorin'" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Laundry", as well as developing a SOCKVILLE "Goes Green" video production to educate children on recycling and the environment. They are currently seeking corporate sponsorship for their "Go Green" and "Earth Friendly" productions.

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