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Soccer Star Augustine ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha Gets the Animated Treatment

The new 3DCG series follows the Nigerian footballer as an 11-year-old superpowered kid as he and his rag-tag team of friends work to win a tournament for his school; project is the first animated show for African streamer Showmax.

African streamer Showmax is getting its first animated series, Jay Jay: The Chosen One. The 3DCG show, currently in development. reimagines soccer legend and Olympic medal winner Augustine ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha’s childhood in Nigeria.

The series will follow 11-year-old Augustine as he and his rag-tag team of friends work to win a football tournament for his school. Jay Jay also showcases the soccer player’s love of animals, who bestow him with powers for fighting against poaching.

Jay Jay will be voiced by an entirely Nigerian cast, with Prince Unigwe as the eponymous boy (Glamour Girls); Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki and PawPaw, The Johnsons); Samuel Ajibola (The Johnsons); former pro-footballer Eric Obinna; Mena Sodje (Tinsel); Lexan Peters; and Pamilerin Ayodeji (The Father).

Watch the trailer for Jay Jay: The Chosen One now:

“I’m honored to have an animated series that reimagines my childhood,” Okocha said to Deadline. “Jay Jay: The Chosen One is going to bring back good childhood memories as well as inspire young children who have dreams to be football players. I’m excited about the show and grateful to Showmax and the production team who worked hard to bring it to life.”

Showmax adds the show will “give Nigerian children of all ages the opportunity to see themselves represented in animated form, which is positive, humorous and educational” and “enchant and motivate kids across our continent through fantasy adventures as well as the power of sport.”

Nihilent Limited produces in partnership with 5th Dimension in collaboration with animation studio I-Realities.

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