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Snow Picks Up Momentum At #2

The big snow ball of Paramount's SNOW DAY picked up momentum and rolled in

to #2 at the U.S. box office. In its second week in theatres, the kid-pic,

with special effects by Curious Pictures, grossed US$8.34 million bringing

its gross to $43.1 million. USA Films' ALIENS-like PITCH BLACK, with

primary visual effects by Double Negative Ltd. and The Chandler Group,

finished at #5 grossing $7.14 million raising its total gross to $22.9

million. THE TIGGER MOVIE finished the weekend in sixth place, making $6.31

million, bouncing its cume to $30.6 million. In a second week in widened

release, DreamWorks' AMERICAN BEAUTY came in at #9 grossing $4.61 million,

bringing its total to $87.5 million. The recently Oscar nominated, THE

GREEN MILE, with primary visual effects by ILM, Rhythm & Hues, POP and

Matte World Digital, slipped to #13 making $1.95 million and bringing its

total gross to $131.1 million. Down 38% after the Presidents' Day holiday

weekend, FANTASIA/2000 finished in fourteenth place grossing $1.60 million

and bringing its cume to $26.8 million. The recent Oscar nom for best

picture ignited a new flame under THE SIXTH SENSE, with visual effects by

DreamQuest, raising the flick to #15. The Buena Vista film added another

$1.55 million to its now $283.9 million total. STUART LITTLE and GALAXY

QUEST finished 18th and 19th respectively. The furry hero's pic, with

primary visual effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks, additional animation by

CFX and Rhythm & Hues, and miniatures by Thunderstone, grossed $1.08

million bringing its cume to $136.3 million, while the STAR TREK-spoof,

with primary visual effects by ILM and additional effects by Light Matters,

grossed $740,000 bringing its cume to $69 million. Now the 18th highest

grossing film in U.S. history, TOY STORY 2 finished at #21, with a gross of

$500,000 and a cume of $ 240.6 million. The only other special effects film

in the top thirty was MAGNOLIA, with visual effects by ILM, at #28. The

film that recently won best picture at the Berlin Film Festival grossed

$220,000 at U.S. theatres bringing its cume to $21.6 million. Box office

figures obtained on Lyco's ShowBIZ Data Base.

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