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Sneak Peek: Apple TV+ ‘Stillwater’ and ‘Never Ending Dream’ Theme Song

Watch and listen; new 3D animated preschool series based on Jon J Muth's children's book series ‘Zen Shorts’ premieres globally on Friday, December 4.

Apple TV+ has released a sneak peek of Stillwater, a new 3D animated preschool series based on Jon J Muth's children's book series, “Zen Shorts.” The new series will premiere globally on Friday, December 4, exclusively on Apple TV+.

Stillwater tells the story of siblings Karl, Addy, and Michael, who have a special next-door neighbor: a wise panda named Stillwater. His friendship and stories give them new perspectives on the world, themselves, and each other helping to open their eyes to the quiet wonders of the world around them.

Catch a glimpse into the first episode with a sneak peek clip:

The voice cast includes James Sie in the role of “Stillwater” (Jackie Chan Adventures, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Avatar: The Last Airbender); Judah Mackey as “Karl” (The Young and the Restless, The Morning Show); Eva Binder as “Addy” (Grey's Anatomy, All Rise, Imaginary Lines); Tucker Chandler as “Michael” (Madagascar: A Little Wild, I Lost My Body, Samsam).

The series is executive produced by Rob Hoegee, Sidonie Dumas, Christophe Riandee, Nicolas Atlan, Terry Kalagian, Iole Lucchese, Caitlin Friedman and Jef Kaminsky, and directed by Jun Falkenstein, Amber Tornquist Hollinger, Roy Burdine and Gary Hartle. Hoegee serves as writer alongside Craig Lewis, Denise Downer, Lisa Kettle, Amy Wolfram, Sindy McKay, A.J. Marchisello, and Tanner Marchisello.

The theme song for Stillwater, entitled “Never Ending Dream,” was written and composed by singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist Kishi Bashi, and will be released on Apple Music on November 13 and wide on December 4. Kishi Bashi also composed the series’ score with fellow composer Toby Chu.

Listen to “Never Ending Dream” here.

Stillwater Six Episode Series Premiere:

Episode 1 / “The Impossible Dream” / “Stuck in the Rain”

Karl (Judah Mackey) builds a spaceship, but no one thinks it will fly. An unwelcome summer rain gives Michael (Tucker Chandler) a new perspective on fun. 

Episode 2 / “Gift of Compassion” / “Larger than Life”

Addy (Eva Binder) gets frustrated with Karl (Judah Mackey) for not sharing a game. Karl receives a toy robot that is not what he expected. 

Episode 3 / “Soaked” / “A Perfect Fit”

Karl (Judah Mackey) and Michael (Tucker Chandler) feel badly after accidentally soaking Addy (Eva Binder) with water balloons. When Michael and Addy build a go-kart, Karl feels left out. 

Episode 4 / “Downward Dog” / “The Sleeping Moon”

Michael (Tucker Chandler) is hired to pet-sit a neighbor’s dog for the weekend. Things do not go as planned when the kids try to watch a lunar eclipse.

Episode 5 / “The Race” / “Dressed Up”

Addy (Eva Binder) feels sad after losing a cross-country race. Karl (Judah Mackey) is unwilling to give up his favorite shirt, even though he is outgrown it.

Episode 6 / “The Haircut” / “Paper Wings”

Karl (Judah Mackey) is afraid to visit a barber for the first time. Michael (Tucker Chandler) becomes determined to make the perfect paper airplane.

Source: Apple TV+