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Snapchat Looking for New Animated Comedies

Pitches now being accepted for unique vertically formatted mobile series; up to 10 artists will be chosen to create 10-episode shows.

Snap is looking for content! The mobile messaging and content sharing platform wants to inspire the best and funniest up-and-coming animators and creators to invent new ways to produce animated comedy series for mobile. Based on the success of their Scripter Comedy Creator Initiative launched last October, today Snap has launched their Animated Comedy Creator Initiative. Today also marks the premiere of All Dog$ Get Money, Gerald Grissette’s animated parody of the rap world that follows a mid-tier rapper through the absurd ins and outs of his life and career. The show was the lone animated show selected for production from last year’s Comedy Creator Initiative.

Creators are invited to pitch an animated comedy series; Snap’s development team will review submitted materials and select up to 10 creators, each of whom will receive $40k to produce a 10-episode season of a short-form animated show. Episodes should be 2-3 minutes long.

Selected creators will work with the Snapchat development team to learn best practices for creating mobile content and shape their idea for the platform. They will then produce their show (within Snap’s content guidelines), and deliver it fully animated, edited and ready to air to Snapchat.

This initiative is for open to all types of creators: cartoonists, illustrators, animators, motion graphic artists, Snapchat Lens Studio creators, comedians & comedy writers, in addition to ISO talent with a strong comedic voice who can write and have experience creating great animated content. All creators must be able to work non-union, U.S. only.

Creators should imagine what their favorite animated comedy would be like if it were produced vertically for a young mobile audience. The best pitches will feature the following:

  • Awesome creativity and innovation
  • An interesting and clearly defined world (think SpongeBob, Chowder, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty)
  • An original concept that can be communicated easily on a tile on the Discover page
  • Compelling wholly original characters and artwork created specifically for this initiative
  • A clear story hook and payoff in each episode
  • Ideas and jokes that will appeal to our broad, diverse base of 190 million daily active users in our core demographic, age 13-24.

What Snap is Looking For in a Pitch:

  • A visually exciting concept with a strong comedic POV
  • Something fast-paced with lots of jokes - like highly concentrated TV
  • Dynamic characters who pop off the screen
  • Episodes structured with clear beginnings, middles and ends
  • Visually dynamic - can include elements like split screens, graphics and text to refresh the eye

Questions to Consider When Crafting Your Pitch:

  • How will you take advantage of the unique vertical framing on mobile?
  • How can you leverage amazing voice talent for your show?
  • What visual techniques will you use to differentiate your show?

To submit your pitch, visit the Snap Animation Show Producer Submission Release and Application.

Creators must provide:

  • Links to best sample work that speaks to their comedic and creative POV (no more than 3 links)
  • 2-page pitch detailing creative concept for series
  • Overview of the premise, world and characters
  • Sample episodic storylines
  • Character designs & visuals depicting the world
  • An animatic, proof of concept or full sample episode strongly encouraged
  • Bio and credits
  • Reps (if relevant)

The Submissions Deadline is August 26th, 2019.

Source: Snap

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