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Smooch Your Childhood Goodbye with the Pooches of ‘Stray Dogs’

Horror mogul Gary Dauberman teams with Paramount Animation and writer Mark Perez on animated feature adaptation of unreleased horror comic book.

A very special genre is trotting its way to theaters: Disney Horror. At least, that’s the impression new animated film Stray Dogs gives us when its team describes it as Silence of the Lambs meets Lady and the Tramp. Woof. Horror vet Gary Dauberman (IT, Annabelle) is teaming with Paramount Animation to produce the film, with Mark Perez (Game Night) on as writer.

Dogs is adapted from the horror comic created by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner for Image Comics, set for release in 2021. Once the comic is published, we’ll know much more about what to expect from the supposedly grisly film, and if there’s any possibility of a spaghetti-and-meatball moment. Dauberman recently spoke with THR about the tone of the project, stating, “So much of what makes horror work is taking something innocent and twisting it into something scary, like a doll in Annabelle. Or a clown in It. And that’s what we want to do in Stray Dogs: take animation and twist it into something terrifying by using it to explore a really dark story. For me, the project combines a lot of my passions: animation, horror and, well, dogs.”

A release date has yet to be set for Dogs; hopefully, as an animated project, it won’t suffer too many COVID-related setbacks.

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