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Smith Micro Unveils Poser Pro 11

New streamlined workflow features include new physically based rendering engine for hyper-realistic 3D characters and scenes, adaptive rigging, custom parameter palettes, and more.

ALISO VIEJO, CA -- For 20 years, digital artists around the world have used Poser design and animation software to create 3D illustrations, animations, and content of every imaginable type. Smith Micro has announced the release of new Poser Pro 11, making it faster and easier to create hyper-realistic 3D characters and scenes. Designed to simplify usage, streamline workflow, and put more power at the artists’ fingertips, Poser Pro 11 turns a sophisticated, fully featured character animation system into a must-have productivity tool for illustrators, design houses, game developers, and more.

“There is so much to love about the new version of Poser Pro,” commented Joe Dennison, technical director at Austin, TX-based creative production studio Rooster Teeth, where hit animated web series RWBY is produced. “The new manipulation and selection tools, rigging improvements, custom palettes, control props, dependency editor tweaks -- the list goes on and on.”

In addition to dozens of new features and usability improvements designed to meet the rigorous needs of professional animators, Poser Pro 11 comes with an extensive library of pre-loaded characters and content, including human figures, animals and props. This gives users the opportunity to start creating riveting 3D animations immediately.

See highlights of the new features and content in the video player below:

“Shots involving 3D animated people can take weeks, but with Poser Pro 11, you can generate something that looks top-notch within hours,” noted Jimmy Kimmel Live! animator Jesse Griffith. “A great renderer, and a variety of graphic render styles, easy IK, straightforward and flawless integration with all the pro apps, and now simple integration with desktop motion capture apps, has literally enabled me to create full motion animation for same day broadcast. It just works and it works well.”

“Poser Pro 11 is a content creator's dream,” added Syyd Raven, Owner of Runtime DNA, Inc. “The new features are designed to make the workflow inside Poser so much quicker. Thanks Smith Micro!”

Key Features of Poser 11 Pro:

  • New SuperFly Rendering Engine -- Built on Blender’s Cycle engine. Physically based shading and rendering accurately renders light the way it behaves in the real world, allowing for hyper-realistic effects. GPU-assisted rendering, supported by NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing platform, dramatically increases performance.
  • Real-time Comic Book Preview -- Geometric Edge Lines automatically produce “ink lines” around figures in real-time.
  • Measurement & Text Props -- Create precise measurements in a Poser scene - highly useful for product design, forensic animation and recreating real world scenes.
  • Improved Usability -- Actor Selection History allows user to keep track of recently accessed objects with back and forward buttons. Customizable Tools allow users to add frequently used objects and parameter dials to custom palettes. Content Creation Export saves partial scenes that have been extracted from complex scenes. High Density Display resizes the entire interface with user-adjustable scale settings.
  • Adaptive Rigging -- Dynamically reset the joint centers on morphed figures, and automatically create the dependent rigs

“With more than 40 new features and improvements, Poser Pro 11 allows professional artists to cut down on production time and costs, while still delivering state of the art 3D effects,” said Smith Micro director of product management Fahim Niaz. “In addition to the Pro version, the new release also comes in a standard version for hobbyist animators who may not have experience in 3D rendering. Both versions are supported by a multitude of tutorial videos, and an experienced team of content creators, developers, and support staff to ensure the software is reliable, well documented, and easy to adopt.”

Poser 3D animation software is available in both professional (Poser Pro 11) and standard (Poser 11) versions. For information about features, pricing, and special version upgrade offers, visit

Source: Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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