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SLR Productions Options ‘Andy Roid’

Animated series in development for Penguin Books Australia’s bionic boy spy series by bestselling author Felice Arena.

SYDNEY -- SLR Productions, one of Australia’s leading children’s and family entertainment companies, has announced the option and development of the bionic boy spy book series Andy Roid by bestselling author Felice Arena published by Penguin Books Australia. With the support of ABC ME and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), SLR Productions will develop the much loved tween book franchise into a 26 x half hour animated television series. Andy Roid will be the first development collaboration between SLR Productions and ABC ME. 

“SLR Productions is passionate about adapting book properties and with its dynamic mix of technology, spy and bionic awesomeness Andy Roid makes for a one-of-a-kind TV series. Felice has created an amazing world in his successful book series with its extremely appealing lead hero character Andy Roid who is half robot, half boy. We very much look forward to developing the stories and the character of Andy into an incredible series for 8 to 12 year olds with the fantastic support of ABC ME and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation,” said CEO and Executive Producer of SLR Productions, Suzanne Ryan.

“What a great combination, Andy Roid and SLR Productions. It’s great to see this hugely popular book series adapted by such experts in taking great children’s properties from book to screen. The ACTF is really pleased to be able to help make this happen by supporting the development of the Andy Roid animated series, and know that kids across the world will be waiting with baited breath to see their hero come to life,” commented Head of Development & Production, Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Bernadette O’Mahony. 

“I’m over the moon at the prospect of my bionic-boy hero Andy Roid springing off the page and on to the small screen. The talented team at SLR Productions are the perfect superhero sidekicks to make this happen.” added Andy Roid author, Felice Arena.

Andy’s not a regular teen but he’s trying his best to act like one. His parents are top secret scientists for the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) specializing in bio robotics and, after a life threatening accident they rebuild Andy using their latest technology and untested research giving him superhuman powers. Now he’s half boy, half robot and is about to become recruited as the youngest ever GIA spy. Andy soon learns, however, that no super power is as valuable as the help of his friend, Judd, an undercover teen agent who quickly becomes his best buddy or his school friend, Reggie, who seems to have his back no matter what she learns about him.

Andy's now living undercover and is successfully navigating his new found robotic technology amongst the spy world, being sent on missions as well as living as a normal teen attending school and hanging out with his friends.  Andy knows only too well that if his secret was revealed enemy spy organizations would take him apart and use the cutting edge robotic technology for cyber power. Set across the globe, the pressure is on and the stakes have never been higher.

Source: SLR Productions