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Slingshot Shoots Brilliant Net Shorts On DVD

Slingshot Entertainment is set to release a compellation DVD featuring Brilliant Digital Multipath Web shorts. DVD Intl., which distributes interactive movies IM YOUR MAN and TENDER LOVING CARE, will distribute DVDs featuring the series SUPERMAN, XENA, ACE VENTURA and THE MUMMY. The release will feature further computer rendered graphics and 15-20 minutes of linear programming to advance the interactivity of the story. The first four titles -- SUPERMAN: MENANCE OF METALLO, XENA: DEATH IN CHAINS, ACE VENTURA: THE CASE OF THE SERIAL SHAVER and THE MUMMY: THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY will be released on September 12, 2000. As part of the agreement with Slingshot, DVD Intl. will release three more titles in the fall and 14 more next year.

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